50 Years and Counting

Family-run businesses often offer an experience to its customers and employees alike that major corporations just can’t give. At Warren Fabricating and Machining (WarFab), present-day owners Regina Rebhan Mitchell and Eric Rebhan have run the company like their father, founder of WarFab John C. Rebhan, ran their household.

“We grew up in a household where ‘can’t’ was a four-letter word,” Regina Rebhan Mitchell said. “The same is true in our business.”

The company, which is a unique manufacturer specializing in the fabrication, machining, and assembly of large steel weldments servicing several heavy industries, has been in business for over 50 years, something the brother-and-sister team of today credit to the tremendous risks their father, and now they, are willing to take to stay ahead of the competition.

For 45 years, John C. Rebhan invested every dollar he could back into the company, buying new equipment and breaking into new fields before the rest of the industry caught onto the trends.

Part of the continuing success can be credited to this investment strategy, which is still going strong today.

“We’re still investing heavily in the business,” Regina Rebhan Mitchell, Owner and President of WarFab shared. “We just invested millions in new equipment, and in 2012 we built a new manufacturing bay devoted to natural gas turbine products, which was a major capital expenditure. Just like Dad, we wanted to get ahead of the trend, which this time was the shift in power generation from coal to natural gas.”

WarFab spends the same amount of energy on its employees, with Regina Rebhan Mitchell noting that the company values its employees and treats them well.

“Their loyalty translates into quality work and products for our customers. Loyalty means success,” she said.

And success the company has found, in part because of its ability to start a project far sooner than many of its competitors.

Two factors come into play here: the company makes decisions quickly, and it has immediate access to the exact steel it needs for each project.

By running “lean and mean” and having employees—including both Regina and Eric—that are willing to do almost any job that is asked of them, Eric shared that the staff is equipped to answer questions or propose solutions to a problem on each product the company builds.

Warren Fabricating & Machining Corporation was founded by John C. Rebhan over 50 years ago.

During that span, War Fab has evolved from an 8,000 ft² fabricating facility with 8 employees to multiple plant locations exceeding 500,000 ft² and over 400 employees.

War Fab excels in areas of fabricating, machining and mechanical assembly with special emphasis on quality and service.

Our extensive steel inventory of over 50,000 tons of various grades and sizes offer our clients immediate material availability together with accelerated cycle times.

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