The hottest Valentine’s trends and a BOSS gift guide for every budget.Valentines, valentines day gift guide, valentines gift

It’s the most romantic time of year. Do you know what Valentine’s Day gifts are on your loved ones wishlists? According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 54.8 percent of Americans celebrate the holiday. That’s one in two people in the U.S.

Last year alone, $19.7 billion dollars were spent in total on the romantic festivities, too. Coming in just behind Christmas and Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day takes bronze for the year’s highest grossing holidays—that’s roughly $20 billion in consumer spending.

Consumer Trends
It is also the largest U.S. floral industry in terms of consumer dollar spending. Prince & Prince projects that for 2017, more than 43 million households in the U.S. will purchase fresh cut flowers—largely roses—and/or potted plants this holiday. Each purchasing household, on average is expected to spend about $75 on floral (with associated delivery and service fees included).guide, valine gift guide, valentine gift for him, doritos Meanwhile, Canada comes in with 12.3 million dozen roses imported for the holiday. A more unique trend for Canadian Valentines: bouquets of delectable Doritos Ketchup Roses, which are currently already sold out.

Despite the whopping spending trends, 2016 numbers are nearly 10 percent less than 2007.

That being said, the holiday continues to be profitable, as the NRF’s Consumer Study suggests the average shopper spends $147 on their Valentine.

Most consumers kick off their shopping for the romantic holiday about two weeks ahead of time—46 percent of purchases—and many wait until the very last minute—30 percent of purchases take place on February 14th to be exact.  

Where are these purchases happening this year? Well, NRF reports that 28 percent of shoppers discovered gifts online and the V-Day e-hunt is on the rise. Brick-and-mortar florists have taken a huge hit, with a 41 percent decline since 2001. IBISWorld shares that online floral shops experienced a six percent increase in sales over the last five years.

And while 90.8 percent of people said they’d be celebrating with a significant other or spouse, spending on furry friends is on the up and up: Valentine’s Day gifting for pets is now a $681 million industry.

Thanks to President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and the Super Bowl, plenty of sales are taking place when it comes to TVs, winter apparel, tax software, and Valentine-oriented items and activities.

BOSS Valentine’s Day Gift Guide
While, some of our other gift guides—trust us, subscription services and meal delivery sound good year-round—are certainly relevant for the most romantic day of the year, we’ve pulled together some fresh takes on gifting upgrades so you don’t miss cupid’s mark.

(Personally, this epicurean-oriented writer suggests a low-key homemade dinner.)

This year, we’ve got you covered, no matter what your budget may be.

Gifts for Less than $20guide, valine gift, candy, valentine candies, wine, champagne gifts, champagne

  • Love Icon Gummy Candies from Sugarfina
    Non-alcoholic champagne and berry-flavored rose, bear, and kiss gummies?  Cheers.key chain, keychain gift, valentines keychain,
    • Vintage Motorlodge Keychain
      Schoolhouse Electric’s playful plastic keychains are a punchy way to celebrate a big step: giving your Valentine keys to your, valine gift guide, valentine gift for him, boxers, trunks
  • Heart Print Trunks, Three-Pack from ASOS
    Machine washable jersey trunks that you and your Valentine will love on any occasion.valentines guide, vday guide, vday gift, vday book, valentines day book, valentines day books, couples books
  • Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal
    Already a classic: couples can easily use this one-sentence journal to create a unforgettable time capsule. Features questions like, “What does your partner’s laugh sound like?” and “Where would you like to travel with your partner?”guide, valine gift guide, valentines recipes, recipes for couples, dessert recipes, valentines recipes, dessert, dessert recipes, christina lane
  • Sweet & Simple: Dessert for Two by Christina Lane
    100 recipes for couples, featuring tantalizing cakes, cookies, pies, bars, and other, valine gift guide, valentine gift for him
  • Heart Sparklers by Free People
    For the little kid in every BOSS. Made in America, too!guide, valine gift guide, valentine gift for him, valentines day cards, cards, vday cards
  • Compliment Greeting Card Set by
    Make someone’s heart melt via old school snail, valine gift guide, valentine gift for him, chocolates, vday chocolate, chocolates,
  • Sweets from See’s Candies
    The old standby: classic chocolates from See’s. These hearts also come in dairy-free, nut-free, Kosher, soy-free, egg-free, and sugar-free options.

Gifts from $20-50cake, delivery cake, williams sonoma, food delivery, dessert, valentines day delivery, valentines gourmet

  • Valentine’s Day Cakes from Williams Sonoma
    Whimsical cakes made by award-winning We Take the Cake bakery. Williams Sonoma also has NFL-themed cakes for those diehard football fan Valentines.chocolate, chocolate whiskey, brooklyn, bourbon, alcoholic gifts, valentines day drinks, valentines day whiskey
  • Kings County Distillery Chocolate Whiskey
    That’s right, it’s chocolate. So if you aren’t a fan of whiskey in general, this may do the drink.champagne chocolate, taittinger, champagne, champagne brut, truffles, chocolate truffles, gourmet valentines
  • Champagne Truffles by Jacques Torres
    Taittinger Brut La Française Champagne AND milk chocolate? It’s difficult to resist this world-class combination—in chocolate cork form, n’est-ce pas?

Gifts from $50-$100

  • Blue Bottle Coffee at Your Doorstep
    The San Francisco Bay Area’s beloved microroasters now will send you six-ounce bags of coffee beans every other week for six bottle, blue bottle coffee, san francisco, oakland, microroastery, guide, valine gift guide, valentine gift for him
    • Blooms Forever
      Or at least 60 days. Luxe Bloom’s real Ecuadorian roses are preserved using an ancient method, and maintain their natural vibrant beauty for at least 60 days with no watering or refrigeration necessary.roses, rose delivery, red roses, valentines day flowers, floral, flowers delivery, vday flowers
    • Fresh Lobster… Anywhere
      This New England company has been shipping live lobsters and fresh seafood for over 15 years, so who better to trust when treating your “Maine” squeeze to a giant lobster tail?guide, valine gift guide, valentine gift for expectant couples, babies, pregnancy gifts, pregnancy
  • Expecting?
    The Shell device lets couples listen to and record your baby’s heartbeat.

Gifts from $100-$150

  • Take Flight
    Jet Blue, Alaska Air, and Frontier are offering flight deals between destinations like New York to Boston and Orange County to San Jose for around $50 each, classes, cooking classes, couples classes, couples cooking, sur la table, surlatable, gourmet cooking, gourmet couples, valentines day experiences
  • Gourmet Classes
    Sur La Table’s cooking classes are the crème de la crème of romantic date nights. Couples can learn how to make doughnuts, Thai food, Spanish tapas, Italian classics, and French comfort foods in just over two hours.

Gifts Over $150+guide, valine gift guide, valentine gift for him, gifts for her, watch, watches, sihh watch

  • A Luxury Watch for Her
    Baume & Mercier’s Classima Moon Phase was introduced at the 27th Annual SIHH—the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie is a major watch industry trade show that is invite-only, put on by The Richemont Group in collaboration with a few independent luxury brands—an accessible quartz watch with 31mm steel case with a 31mm stainless steel case featuring diamond indexes., high tech valentines,
  • A Luxury Watch for Him
    Panerai’s PAM 700, “LAB-ID” Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days also made it’s SIHH debut this year, and as Perpetuelle puts it, “this watch is loaded with carbon, silicon, and innovation.”Valentines, valentines day gift guide, valentines gift
  • Relax, Unwind, and Roll
    RolPal’s RolPal 360 is the premium self-myofascial release roller designed to relieve tight back and hip muscles.
  • Does Your Valentine Constantly Miss Texts?
    Ringly’s Backstage bracelet syncs with your phone to provide custom notification for each of your contacts.