How can you be a realist and an innovator? See how TECSYS is able to occupy this unique space within the supply chain management industry.

 “We’re realists; we’re also innovators.”

Peter Brereton, President and CEO of TECSYS Inc. shared this sentiment at the end of our conversation about his company, its supply chain management technology, and commitment to stellar customer service. What I didn’t realize at the time was just how true this statement was.

TECSYS builds innovative supply chain management solutions that help distribution companies streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service. The Java platform is a modern, cutting edge design that can be deployed either through the cloud or on the premise. Companies like Canon, Honda, Humana, and many others manage their complex supply chains—and move their goods efficiently through the supply chain—with the help of TECSYS.

The realist side of the company is very focused on SCM, providing effective applications for a range of users from healthcare to 3PL to the wine and liquor market to the Department of Agriculture and the City of New York.

Each industry has a different requirement for SCM—whether handling distribution for other players like 3PL, or managing closed-loop supply chain like government organizations—and that’s where TECSYS’s innovation comes into play.

“Innovation keeps us ahead of the crowd,” said Brereton. “We’re the only company using imaging to direct warehouse workers. We’re managing supply chains in the operating rooms that don’t interfere with physician’s work. We anticipate where the puck is going to be, and design our technology around that.”

For example, TECSYS has applications now that are developed to run in a warehouse that can’t be rolled out yet—because the batteries in the worker’s RFDs don’t have the power for strong enough CPUs and the electronics on the devices to run the apps. But because the company is confident that batteries of this capability will be available in the next few years, TECSYS has already developed the technology.

It was a similar situation when the company chose to integrate cloud technology—12 years ago, before the cloud was being used by, well, anyone. But the reason for adapting to this technology early was simple: TECSYS knew its clients would be using the technology someday, and the company wanted to be ready to help them adapt when the time came.

This doesn’t just speak to TECSYS’s commitment to innovation, but to the company’s astute attention to its clients. TECSYS upholds a “Customers for Life” philosophy that is supported by its long-term roadmap approach. The company’s experiments in new technologies today lay the foundation for client success in the future.

“Our customer care group manages it all—incoming requests, speed, staffing up if need be. It’s a company-wide mentality supporting the customer comes first. We run a critical part of many people’s business. We don’t take that lightly.”



TECSYS builds innovative supply chain management solutions that help distribution companies streamline operations, reduce costs and improve customer service. TECSYS is the recognized leader in the health care market, and our warehouse management software is the leading industry analysts’ choice as one of the top visionary products on the market.


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