RoboUniverse - Robots, Drones, & Internet of Everything

robouniverseThe robots are here. For decades, mobile autonomous intelligent robots were things in movies and science fiction: smart, almost humanlike machines that were years if not decades away. That is no longer the situation. While still the stars of movies and sci-fi thrillers, service robots have arrived. This new class of mobile robots are creating and delivering value on manufacturing shop floors, warehouses and fulfillment centers, hospitals, hotels, on the farm, in the air, land and sea.

For this reason, RoboUniverse conferences are organized with a focus on vertical market applications and solutions such as manufacturing and logistics, agriculture, service robots for the enterprise, drones, cognitive science, business and investment, and so much more. The market for service robots being defined allowing RoboUniverse to organize conference tracks and educational sessions that help end users learn about the benefits and challenges of deploying robots in their respective organizations.


RoboUniverse is a new trade show focused on robotics technologies and enabling technologies supporting the expanding robot ecosystem. Launched by MecklerMedia in New York City this past May, RoboUniverse ( was established as the first professional trade show dedicated to end users of service robots.

The mission of RoboUniverse is to accelerate the advancement of service robots by providing educational programs, robot demonstration, and opportunities for businesses to expand in international markets. There is no other robotics technology trade show series that provides the global scope of RoboUniverse events.

In 2015, RoboUniverse events have taken place in New York City, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai. RoboUniverse San Diego will take place on December 14-16. The events have attracted some of the top leaders in the industry including;

  • Chris Anderson, CEO & Founder, 3D Robotics
  • Colin Angle, CEO & Co-founder, iRobot
  • Charles Bergan, Vice President of Engineering & Head of Robotics Group, Qualcomm
  • Cynthia Breazeal, CSO & Founder, Jibo
  • Rodney Brooks, CTO & Founder, Rethink Robotics
  • Vijay Kumar, Nemirovsky Family Dean, Penn Engineering
  • Robin Murphy, Expert in Rescue Robotics, University of Texas
  • Albert Pisano, Dean, Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego
  • Mel Torrie, CEO & Founder, Autonomous Solutions Inc.
  • Stephen Wolfram, Founder & CEO, Wolfram Research

In 2016, RoboUniverse events are planned in Singapore, Dubai, New York City, Mexico City, Seoul, Mumbai, Tokyo, Shanghai and San Diego.

Why RoboUniverse

Alan Meckler, CEO and Chairman of MecklerMedia, hired industry veteran Richard Erb, Executive Director of RoboUniverse, in the fall of 2014 to organize a new and inclusive robot tradeshow that would be adopted on a global scale and supported by MecklerMedia’s network of international partners. So far, so good! Not only are RoboUniverse events growing on a global scale, there is a growing list of international partners lining up to be considered as a host venue.

MecklerMedia has a long and storied history of launching and building successful technology related trade shows over the past two decades. Today, MeckerMedia is the leading producer of global trade shows, conferences, and digital publications covering 3D printing, robotics, virtual reality, and bitcoin/blockchain. MecklerMedia produces more than 25 global trade shows annually, including Inside 3D Printing, Blockchain Agenda with Inside Bitcoins, RoboUniverse, 3D Print Design Show, and the Virtual Reality Summit. MecklerMedia’s news sites include Blockchain Agenda with Inside Bitcoins,, and 3D Printing Industry, which provide up-to-date coverage to help drive business forward.

When Erb considered the move to MecklerMedia on 2014, he was particularly impressed with the success and growth of the Inside 3D Printing international conference and exposition series.

“Many people consider 3D printing technologies to be robots,” said Erb. “MecklerMedia showed me that they had the leadership, talent, and resources to grow and expand the Inside 3D Printing tradeshow on a global basis. If Alan Meckler could do it with 3D printing, there were strong odds that we could be successful with robotic technologies.”

3D Printing and Robotics—Perfect Together

New in 2016, MecklerMedia will combine the Inside 3D Printing conference and exposition with the RoboUniverse trade show to create a stellar disruptive technology event experience for attendees of both shows.