Building ‘Home’ in the Middle of Nowhere

How do you make a worker whose job takes place in the middle of nowhere feel at home when on the job? It’s not easy, but Redrock Camps has cracked the code. The remote logistics company based out of Calgary, Alberta takes care of employees working within hard industries such as oil and gas, energy, and mining during their time in the Canadian wilderness.

Redrock’s modular accommodations are unlike anything else other companies are providing in the industry.

“It’s all about providing an experience for guests,” said Troy Ferguson, President and CEO of Redrock Camps. “Our competitors build sterile environments—white walls, too-bright lights that feel like a hospital. But we focus on the emotional side—providing a home away from home for the workers who have to be away from family and friends for any length of time.”

Ferguson graduated university with a degree in social geography and a minor in business administration, which provided him with the perfect set of skills for Redrock Camps, although he didn’t know it at the time. The degree came with an understanding about why people live where they live, which has provided him with a compass for guiding his company and its mission.

Redrock works with each client to customize their camp of modular accommodations, with the client providing the site and Redrock providing what is needed for the temporary camp. Redrock is also responsible for the logistics of getting the materials where they need to go; before now, installation companies built the camp.

And even though it’s temporary and considered a camp, it operates more like a hotel.

“We like to ‘man-cave’ it up a bit,” Ferguson shared. “We take what our manufacturers create and customize it to bring a sense of home. This could mean anything from a ’50s-style diner theme for the eating quarters to a game room with fun activities like pool and foosball for downtime.”

Setting up Camp
Camps that Redrock provides could be set up for 90 days or five years, and once the camp is leased and set up it’s essentially the client’s.

“Our first job and our main job is listening to the client and what they really want. People who hire and pay us never actually sleep in the camps, so their objectives are very different from the people who are actually in the camps every day. We have to take into account the financial concerns of the leaders, as much as we consider the needs and wants of the people who are actually using these facilities.”
– Troy Ferguson, President and CEO

Privately owned and operated, Redrock Camps is a Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with operational facilities located in Grande Prairie and Edmonton. We design and operate mid-sized camps across western Canada, providing turn-key workforce hospitality solutions for industries operating in remote areas. We would be pleased to provide you with a quote.

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