Recruiting in the construction and manufacturing industries can be difficult—learn more about hiring the right people the first time around.Recruiting tips and tricks from some of the most experienced construction, engineering, and manufacturing employers in the business.

Recruiting top-notch employees isn’t easy, no matter the industry. Every employer has experienced the feeling of recruiting regret: you hire a seemingly fabulous candidate, only to find a month into the job that the person doesn’t fully live up to the impression you got in the interview. Then what do you do?

This doesn’t mean you’re terrible at reading people—we’re only human, after all—but it may be a sign that you should examine your hiring process to see if there are opportunities where you can gain more insight into each candidate.

Is your job posting tailored to draw in candidates who align with the goals of the company? Are the right people within your organization providing feedback on the position and potential hires? Do your interview questions adequately reveal a candidate’s ability to work under pressure, or solve problems in the moment?

BirdDogHR aims to help you answer these questions, and refine your hiring process to tap into truly excellent candidates. As the provider of talent management software for leading employers in construction, manufacturing, and engineering, BirdDogHR has collected recruiting tips and tricks from some of the most experienced employers in the business.

And these heavy industries need all the help they can get when it comes to recruiting. Not because companies aren’t doing it well, but because it’s hard to find the right talent for the diverse cross section of jobs that are available in these industries.

These potential employees aren’t just laborers—many are looking for career development, challenging and rewarding work, and the ability to move up through the ranks.

BirdDogHR offers helpful pointers for everything from identifying a good cultural fit to finding candidates who weren’t even seeking a new job. The company has organized it all into a handy graphic to help guide you in boosting your own recruiting efforts.

From offering a career path to looking for candidates in pools not usually considered, BirdDogHQ’s advice a wealth of helpful information specifically for the heavy industries in the U.S.

Check out the full infographic to get advice from top employers on finding top talent.Recruiting Secrets from the U.S.'s Best Construction, Engineering, and Manufacturing Employers