50 Years Strong & Still Working for a Common Purpose

The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) is the largest and most influential national trade association working solely for the utility and excavation construction industry. Based in Fairfax, Va., near Washington D.C., NUCA represents contractors, manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers that provide the workforce and materials that build and maintain the nation’s underground water, sewer, gas, electric, and telecommunications infrastructure. In addition to many individual members throughout the nation, NUCA has 27 state and local chapters.

Small Beginnings

In 1964, four visionary men found themselves in the midst of a jurisdictional dispute between union contractors and plumbers. The Plumbers Union notified union contractors that all outside lines, including storm and sanitary sewer lines, must be handled by Plumbers Union members. They were also told that union contractors were required to submit their job plans to the Plumber’s Union for review and that the Plumbers Union would assign the work.

Because each contractor had to fight its own battle, they consistently faced unfavorable decisions from the national board that settled disputes and had little influence over legislation, codes, municipal ordinances, and licensing statutes.

NUCA founders believed that all of these factors posed a serious threat to utility contractors and moved into action to sign articles of incorporation. With little cash, a lot of determination, and a sincere agenda, these pioneering volunteers founded what has become the nation’s largest and most influential organization in the business world of utility construction.

NUCA’s infancy was modest, but our founders quickly rallied support from other contractors determined to establish a national organization to protect the interests of union contractors.


By 1970 NUCA began gaining strength, respect, and recognition among industry peers and membership grew rapidly. In 1970 NUCA had 200 members. By 1973, the rolls hit 1,200. Members hit a significant milestone when, after a five-year battle, utility contractors were finally given the recognition they deserved when they received their own classification on the U.S. Census. NUCA held its first annual meeting in 1970; in 1972, NUCA held its first equipment exhibit.

NUCA is the National Utility Contractors Association — the leading trade association working solely for the utility construction and excavation industry in the United States.

NUCA’s nationwide network of state/regional Chapters and member companies represent utility contractors, excavators, suppliers, manufacturers, and other providers in the water, sewer, gas, electric, telecommunications, treatment plant, and excavation industries.

NUCA’s Core Purpose:  Improve the operational proficiency and financial performance of its member companies by providing services that focus on shared industry issues.  NUCA also works to secure more funding for America’s aging underground infrastructure.

Founded in 1964, NUCA is the driving force for improving conditions in the utility construction and excavation industry, for both open-cut and trenchless contractors.

MEMBERSHIP:  Your company can reap the benefits of NUCA membership.  Learn more here.

CHAPTERS:   NUCA Chapters thrive across the USA at the state/regional levels.  Contact your local Chapter for membership information.  Search the NUCA Chapter Directory.

ANNUAL NUCA CONVENTION: March 10-14, 2016 El Conquistador Resort Fajardo, Puerto Rico, USA.  No passport required. This is a chance to learn, connect, and discover the benefits of NUCA in an amazing, tropical setting.

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