Keeping employees content can boost productivity.

Positivity and profits go hand in hand. So, if you want to strive and thrive, maintaining high morale among your workforce is vital. In a happy workplace, your teams will collaborate more smoothly and harness the motivation to go the extra mile.

There comes a time when even the brightest of offices experience a motivational dip. Unfortunately, these troughs often come when workloads are high and so are the stakes. To stay afloat and get ahead, it is important to invest in workplace motivation to ensure you’re ready for whatever challenges are coming.

The power of motivational speaking

When it comes to maintaining the spirit in the office and keeping your staff driven and motivated, it is easy to forget that the simplest methods are often the most effective. Incorporating a pep talk into your weekly meeting can have a powerful impact in shaping how your team approaches new challenges during the week ahead.

Pen some well-crafted words of wisdom after actively listening to your teams and hearing their struggles. Rally your troops and remind them of the end goal towards which you are working.

You can even take motivational speaking to the next level by hiring a professional motivational speaker for your next business event. This technique is useful for giving employees a lift, swelling their spirits with motivational topics that go beyond day-to-day business matters.

Set small, measurable goals

Once you have roused team spirits so everyone is primed to work together, it makes sense to zoom in and boost individual morale.

One simple way to keep each employee motivated is to schedule regular performance reviews and to set small, measurable goals so that they’re clear about what they’re working towards. Make sure your feedback is practical, positive, and productive.

By empowering employees to take charge of their own targets, you will boost workplace creativity and ensure individuals feel in control of the rewards for which they’re striving.

As the annual performance meeting is replaced by continuous management, businesses are experiencing a competitive advantage. This is likely due to the importance of decentralized workplace empowerment.

Offer rewards and encourage wellness

If you work in a fast-paced, targets-driven industry, job related stress is the biggest obstacle to creating a happy workplace. Monetary bonuses only go so far, and it is important to invest your time and money elsewhere to create a truly positive atmosphere.

Organizing regular events is a simple way to keep everyone engaged as part of the team. Reward hard work by taking some time out on Friday, and you may be surprised by the boost in productivity on Monday morning.

The ability to earn extra annual leave and flexible working hours rank highly among the most sought after work perks in 2018. Helping someone’s work-life balance or assisting with their personal life offers far more than a paycheck can and is well worth doing to help you get the most from your employees.

It also pays to take care of your staff’s health. Encouraging screen breaks, lunchtime exercise, and providing fresh fruit is a simple place to start. You could also show you care about workplace mental health by hosting a mindfulness workshop to re-energize your team.

Whether you hire a professional or simply download a free app like Headspace, the importance of “quiet time” is often forgotten as we strive to do more, sell better, and continuously grow.

A happy team will provide sustainable productivity, so creating a positive workplace culture can help to secure sales for years to come.


 Written by: Jessica Foreman, Freelance Writer