Mixed use facilities promote future cities wrapped in nature

Modern times have shown a socio-cultural shift that has increased the demand for mixed use development projects. Hybrid structures that integrate residential, commercial, and office space are an organic fit for the modern-day lifestyle. Canada is at the forefront of the movement with three dynamic structures currently in development.

The future lifestyle will deliver on authentic experiences, efficient land use, and scalable solutions to modern construction. Sustainability is at the apex of these projects with an emphasis on nature.

Repurposing Real Estate

New projects, as well as building renovations, have been popping up around Canada with the purpose of establishing mixed use developments.

Manulife Center

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Source: urbantoronto

The Manulife Center, for example, is in Toronto and already serves as a residential tower with retail space incorporated. However, the goal behind its renovation is to “revitalize the building as one of Toronto’s finest commercial properties” by redesigning the building to add upgraded retail areas, a luxurious restaurant, updated lobbies, and optimal circulation schemes.

These improvements will not be exclusive cosmetic changes, and will also entail extensive electrical and mechanical system upgrades for the sake of sustainability and efficiency.

New Projects Revitalize Cities

Humaniti Building

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Source: Contact MTL

An example of a new mixed use development project is Humaniti, which will be located in the Quartier International area in Quebec.

“To the best of our knowledge, it’s the first mixed use project in Canada with five usages within the same building with all five components communicating with each other,” said Mathieu Duguay, President and CEO of Cogir Immobilier, in regards to the 39-story tower.

The five purposed for the mixed use development will be a hotel, rental units and condos, office space for sale or lease, underground parking, and retail space. One could essentially live, work, and play in the same building.

Humaniti also has a rooftop swimming pool, gym, and electric car-sharing vehicles which will all be available for their future tenants.

Technology will also be further applied for Humaniti tenants to feel a sense of community by offering a smartphone app that will allow them to connect with each other.

M2 Building

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Source: narchitects

The M2 building sits on the bank of the Bow River in Calgary. Its village-like retail shops, main floor restaurants, and office spaces exemplify the demand for mixed use developments in Canada. Sprawling rooftop terraces and shade mitigating architecture show an appreciation for surrounding nature.

Its doors open up to the RiverWalk, a path that runs parallel to the Bow River. M2’s design caters the needs of a modern day human, with multiple necessities provided at a single building. It bolsters the ideology that people want functionality from the city structures.

Mixed Use Development: The Optimal Solution

Mixed use development projects have offered a way to optimize land use, facilitate sustainable transit through walking and biking, and deliver an authentic urban environment for tenants. Multi use projects are going the extra mile to encourage both community engagement and sustainability.

The inspiration for these developments stems from a set of beliefs that nature should be appreciated, structures should be functional, and community interaction is good for society. Canada is certainly delivering on the needs of modern society.