MDR services can be a valuable cybersecurity option.

As computer systems become more sophisticated and powerful, so too does the need for strong cybersecurity to defend against attack. If you have a business of any size—from a tiny startup to an international operation—it has never been more important for you to invest in cyber defences, and this trend is set to increase in 2018.

Many companies are now looking towards managed detection and response (MDR) services to ensure they have adequate protection from cyberattacks. If you have never heard of MDR services, it is worth taking the time to understand how it works and why it can be so valuable. If you are improving your cybersecurity in 2018, you need to consider MDR services.Here are five reasons why.

Cyberattacks are Becoming More Sophisticated

Over recent years, we have seen a huge rise in the number of cyberattacks perpetrated against businesses. It was reported that over the course of 2017, cyberattack related costs increased 11 percent from 2016 for U.S companies. We saw cybercrime continue to make the headlines as the WannaCry ransomware was used against businesses and organizations across Europe.

Every day, hackers become more sophisticated with their methods. The only way to keep yourself completely protected from hacks is to ensure that your defences are sophisticated. MDR services can give your company the best possible chance of defending itself against hackers.

Cybersecurity Staff Shortages are a Real Problem

It’s well known that cybersecurity is a profession that is growing quickly. But that there is a lack of people available with the correct skills. This means that if you want to bring in a cybersecurity team in-house you will realistically need to pay extremely well to do so. For many smaller businesses and those running on tight budgets, this simply isn’t a practical possibility.

This means that you may need to look for alternative methods for bringing in these skills rather than hiring them in house. The fact that you can outsource MDR services through cybersecurity specialists can therefore be extremely valuable.

Outsourcing to Experts has Many Advantages

Outsourcing to an MDR service provider comes with a number of advantages. Firstly, as well have already discussed, outsourcing can save you a lot of money, not only in the price of hiring experienced staff but also in avoiding the need to invest upfront in cybersecurity. You are getting much more than just the technical expertise of cybersecurity professionals. Your business will benefit from cutting-edge detection technology and well as round-the-clock monitoring so you can respond to potential attacks as quickly as possible.

The Challenges of GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of rules that will come into force in May 2018. The reason for the introduction is to provide individuals with more control and security over their personal data, as well as to make it simpler for businesses to understand what is expected from them in terms of storing and protecting customer data.

One of the key elements of the GDPR rules is that companies need to inform anyone who has had personal information stolen within 72 hours of being made aware of the breach. Failure to comply with the GDPR can result in huge fines, so it’s important to work with a cybersecurity specialist that can provide you with the necessary defences against breaches.

Preventing Attacks is no Longer Enough

As companies face more threats than ever before, it’s necessary to recognize that it’s not necessarily possible to prevent every attack. However, it is possible to have high quality detection and response systems that will allow you to mitigate the effects of any attack. Investing in MDR services in 2018 can give you high quality defences but also ensure that you are prepared to respond if those defences are breached.

If you are lacking the resources to maintain an in-house cybersecurity team then MDR services may be an option worth researching further. At this point, cybersecurity is a lower priority for some small business owners, depending on your market.

As time goes on, the need for cybersecurity will increase as more information is stored in the digital format. Hence, securing your digital data will become a more significant aspect of many businesses and MDR services provide a valuable way to do so.