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from the


I’ve had the opportunity to talk to several

leaders from all types of companies in my

time as an editor. Often, my favorite part of

our conversation is when I ask the respective

boss the best leadership advice they’ve been

given. While some apologize for the ‘cliché’

wisdom they share with me, others provide a

more startling answer. Many times, they can

tell me they’ve learned how


to lead from

past bosses and mentors.

As more people begin to take interest in

the human-centered leadership movement,

the landscape of leadership has the great

opportunity to become more kind, much like

our Best Practice company, Redrock Camps.

And Dr. John Demartini—renowned speaker,

expert in human behavior, and author of

several best-sellers—shares his wisdom on

human-centered leadership and why there

aren’t more moral leaders today in our

cover feature.

Challenges and potential solutions are part of

the formula for this issue. We have a big focus

on college tuition: the problems with it and

student loans, and solutions for the industry as

well as for yourself when you’re thinking about

college (tuition insurance anyone?). Ambient

intelligence’s challenge—the economy, not

technology—will take another big fix, but

Mounir Shita of Kimera Systems has a slew of

suggestions to better the industry.

This, of course, is only the beginning of

our content this month. We hope you enjoy

the issue.

Laura Close

Managing Editor