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example, left his position as

Chairman at Microsoft and

has been changing the world

ever since. Gates no longer

needs to work—he hasn’t

needed to work in a long

time—but he continues to run

his foundation with his wife

Melinda because he feels the

need to help people.

“When you care and help

humanity, when you serve

people and fill the needs of

others through your work,

you’ll be economically

stable as well as intrinsically

rewarded,” Dr. Demartini said.

Unfortunately not all leaders

are like Gates, Yanai, or

Naito. But when I asked Dr.

Demartini why he thought this

was, his answer was a lot less

cynical than I expected.

Some people, especially

disgruntled employees, view

their bosses as unwavering

dictators. We’ve all had a

boss or two that we didn’t like

because of their inability to

understand the human aspect

of the work. But Dr. Demartini

views the human-center

leadership style as the highest

level of leadership, one which

takes a learning process that

not all people master.

“Truth is not always in the

hands of the masses, it’s in the

heart of the masters,” he said.

“There are millions of people

who play a sport, but only

a few Olympians; there are

great numbers of people who

are inspired and spiritually

oriented, but only a few great

spiritual leaders. In turn, many

people run companies, but

there are only a few that are

great leaders.

“Although lower levels can be

humanitarians, only a handful

of people will make it to the

highest level of leadership.

This is a stage of evolution

people will need to come to






“Truth is not always in the hands of the

-Dr. John Demartini