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“Only 12 percent of HR organizations

provide professional development for

themselves. There’s a lot of training

for the rest of the company, but very

little help for them to become better

at their craft. There is an absolute need

for this.”

- Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin started in

tech and sales marketing,

two fields you wouldn’t

immediately connect to

human resources. But after

joining up with a startup

that was in the process of

launching a software platform

for online learning, the pieces

started to fit together.

As an unfortunate casualty

of the recession, Bersin

lost his job, but took it as

an opportunity to begin

to think bigger. There was

an enormous demand for

online training. This, on top

of his fascination with online

learning, led him to research

the possible applications in


“Every company, every leader,

has people problems at the

center of their business.

People are what make

companies successful, not

customers. If you treat your

people well, your people will

treat your customers well.”

But getting HR right isn’t easy,

and Bersin admitted there

were a lot of issues to address.

Each company has its own set

of problems, whether they are

culture, compliance, strategy,

or leadership. This is one of

many struggles: there is no

one-size-fixes-all solution.