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Thanksgiving—America’s favorite holiday.

Many would argue that Christmas would take

the top spot, but I don’t believe it. What other

day of the year can you play or watch football

all day, enjoy one of the biggest parades in

the country, and spend time with friends

and family?

Oh, and the food. The stuffing and gravy are

enough to make it a national holiday for most

of us.

And while many people look at their jobs

as a means to an end, this year I invite you

to take a second and think about what you

may be thankful for at work. For me, I share

an office space with a great colleague, I have

the beautiful San Diego coastline outside

my window, and I get to chat to some of the

world’s most extraordinary and innovative

business leaders.

Like Josh Bersin. He’s the Employee Retention

Strategist and Principle at Bersin by Deloitte

who is helping companies realize the

importance of their HR departments. Our

piece on this is a must-read for anyone who

is currently not offering their HR department

the same amount of training the rest of your

employees receive. Of course, this is only the

beginning of our great content for the month.

One last thing I’m thankful for: our new

magazine layout, which I believe allows us

to provide you with our content in the most

user-friendly way possible. We hope you

enjoy the issue, and enjoy the start of the

holiday season!

Laura Close

Managing Editor