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Career Growth

“Employees often leave because

there is no future for them at the

company. Most people don’t want to

do the same thing their entire lives.

Design an organization that gives

people the opportunity to grow.”

Invest in People

“Understand that employees

are not a means to an

end: employees are not




There is one piece of advice Bersin gives to

each company: changes need to be made

from the top down. His series of strategies—

which includes making sure the job fits the

individual and not the other way around, and

that business leaders invest in people—has

guided many a successful company to more

success, and a struggling company to set up

a good foundation. It’s key however, that the

leadership leads by example.

This is another challenge for HR and

employee retention: leadership. Over 85

percent of companies say it’s the number one

challenge they face at work.

“If I could narrow down the challenges

faced in implementing good HR and talent

management strategies, it’s the training,

coaching, and selection of managers within

an organization that poses the problem,”

Bersin said.

“You hire skilled people, and hopefully you’ve

done a good job of hiring. If you let them do

their job, the employee will generally have

pretty good experiences. But it’s when you

insert managers you get problems.”

Often this comes from the manager’s

overcompensation of leading, which can lead

to micromanagement, an employee’s worst

nightmare. Or a manager is afraid to flex his

or her fist when the time comes, and lets a

department run rampant. Either way, you’re

in trouble.

Much of this comes from a person’s desire

to be promoted because of the monetary

benefits, not necessarily because they want

to do the responsibilities attached to it.

Bersin and a company he worked with found

a unique solution to this situation.


November 2015