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Job Design

and Job Fit

“People have to have good

jobs. If it’s no fun, or there’s

no empowerment or control,

they aren’t going to stay.

Empower your employees:

give them the feedback and

the tools to do their jobs.”



“Managers are responsible for

setting goals, and for giving a

reasonable amount of feedback

throughout the year. Often

managers give feedback once a

year—we dispassionately call it

a drive-by shooting. Management

training is necessary, as most of the

time employees are not ready to

manage. Only one in five,

maybe, are natural leaders.”

Work Environment

“This isn’t about having yoga classes, it’s

about flexibility—can your employees

work away from their desk, outside of

the office? Are there tools, systems,

and procedures in place for this? If they

are working in the office, is the work

environment safe and comfortable?”





5 Top-Down Strategies

for Talent Management