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Taffer took it on himself to reinvent online

training. He wanted to create an interactive

online program where instead of dreading the

next slide or video, you looked forward to the


“The objective was to figure out a way to

share boring information in a fun way. I spent

$2 million of my own money, and threw three

or four versions away before we got it right,”

Taffer said.

TVT is the end result. Seven months ago

his team had a breakthrough, and now the

online learning platform is ready to launch.

Taffer shared that the program is completely

interactive, with a great balance of the

“boring” content, animations, graphics, and

humor that will “actually make you laugh”.

For the restaurant or bar owner who is looking

to improve their business and their sales,

TVT offers information on sales promotion

ideas, menu design, increasing guest counts,

managing sales, hiring secrets, and ways to

increase revenue.

“I love this industry,” Taffer said, although it

shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. His

entire career has been spent establishing

himself as an industry leader—first learning

the ins and outs, then establishing his own

locations, and now cultivating success

throughout his field.

It makes sense for a man fascinated by human

behavior to become an expert in a field and

industry where human reaction is your brand.

“Seventy percent of people walking into a

building take a right turn,” Taffer said. “If I

can make them take a turn left, I’m doing

something right.”