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Now that you know it all boils down to human

reactions, why should you and your business

take advice from some guy on TV?

As it turns out, Taffer’s success rate is high—

very high, in fact. Most wonder if these bars,

in this rapid transformation format, can make

it long-term. An independent source (Bar

Rescue Insider) evaluates the businesses down

the road, finding a 75 to 80 percent success

rate. In an industry where hundreds of bars

and restaurants close down every year, that’s

an incredible statistic.

Bar Rescue isn’t just entertainment, it is a

fascinating study in rebranding.

For those of you out there that are considering

rebranding your business—or you are in the

midst of a rebrand—Taffer might just have the

information you need.

A rebrand isn’t about changing the colors or

look of your logo just for fun, or because you

think it’s time to shake things up: the decision

should be anchored in the want or need for a

better customer experience.

“Does the product connect with the customer

on the right level? Does the customer have

a pleasant purchasing experience? Do the

logo and other physical attributes of the

brand blend with the other tentacles of the

beast?” Taffer asked in rapid-fire style. “These

elements together create a brand. If there’s

any level of disconnect, it’s time to make a


In the hospitality industry—and specifically in

bars and restaurants—Taffer has a foolproof

method of figuring out if it’s time for a rebrand.


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| March 2015