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When we were assembling this issue, we didn’t

plan on it having a common thread running

through it, but sometimes happy accidents

happen. In our discussions in our three main

headline pieces, one theme is apparent in all

of them: trust.

As a business leader, your employees and

shareholders trust you to make good decisions

to continue to grow the business and profits.

And as we continued to build this issue, we

really began to uncover just how much trust

is the underlying component to everything in

business. Because most importantly, if your

prospective client doesn’t trust you, who is

going to buy your product or service?

The share economy is largely based on a

trust system we’re just now realizing the

potential of: digital reputation. Rachel

Botsman, a thought leader on the share

economy and collaborative consumption

(a term she coined), spoke to us about how

our digital reputation really is responsible for

the success of the share economy.

Our Money section focuses on building the

skills necessary to become a pro at real

estate investing. Engelo Rumora—“the real

estate dingo”—preaches trusting yourself

and your skills when making these big

financial decisions. Even in our tech talk with

Donald Farmer, VP of innovation and design

at Qlik, we found an underlying base of trust:

this time, trusting humankind not to push

artificial intelligence and automation too far.

And me? I’m trusted with bringing you

interesting, quality content month in and

month out. I’m the managing editor here with

BOSS News Network, always on the search for

the newest trend and most interesting topics

to cover in our magazine. Come join me on



to share what you think

the next big thing in business could be.

We trust you’ll find this issue informative.


Laura Close

Managing Editor