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allow sharing and renting of

equipment off peak

usage times.

This means collaborative

consumption has exploded

far beyond the peer-to-

peer market and is making

a home in the business-to-

business marketplace, which

bodes well for everybody. By

sharing shipping containers

or expensive healthcare

equipment, businesses and

organizations can turn more

fiscal attention to reinvesting

in the business or passing

savings along to customers.

‘rate this experience one to

five’. They are really getting

into questions like ‘how did

this person behave?’ ‘Would

you trust them?’ ‘Would you

interact with them again in

the future?’ And the other

interesting thing is how two-

way these systems are. Hosts

rate guests; guests rate hosts.

Passengers rate drivers; drivers

rate passengers. There’s a

system of accountability,”

Botsman said.

More refined ratings systems

will lead to stronger, more

detailed online reputations,

adding steam to the already

full-speed share economy

movement. But where is it

moving and growing next?

Although the lens is

expanding its circumference

fast, Botsman predicts that

insurance, logistics, and health

care will see the next big

boost in the emerging space.

If cargo ships and shipping

containers have unused

capacity, the share economy

is looking to sell or share that

capacity. Underutilized hospital

equipment? Marketplaces are

opening up to hospitals to