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wrong people, and ended up with

a bad product.

“I was trying so hard to look like

I had it all together, but I was

losing everything. I was sleeping

on friend’s couches—David

opened his home to me. But the

documentary, in many ways, led

to the show.”

A production company in L.A.

realized what Powell had: weight

loss transformation stories that

gripped the hearts of viewers. So

Powell and his wife Heidi, also

a fitness guru, drove to L.A. and

mapped out the process of how

they do transformations.

“It’s not just a physical change,”

he clarified. “The goal is to

lose weight, sure, but it’s an

emotional transformation too.

There’s more a person has

to change about themselves

on the inside before their

appearance can change.”

Transformation and balance

weren’t just something the

Powells were showing their

clients: it was something Chris

Powell was discovering and

learning right alongside them.

Three months later, Powell had a

show and a contract with ABC.

“A year before I was living out of

my car. I can’t put into words how

grateful and blessed I was for the

opportunity, not just for myself,

but for the thousands of people

these stories could touch. I think

the show really spreads hope.”