Are your ready for these futuristic airport changes?

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The reasons people go to the airport every day are plentywhether it’s a holiday, a business trip or because they’re an airport employee.

In fact, last year it was revealed that the busiest airport in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, saw more than 104 million passengers pass through its terminals in the space of just one year. Thanks to new technologies and developments that are being planned across all areas of the airport, the airport experience is set to be transformedand it may be happening sooner than you think.


Scanners in digital airports will allow passengers to keep liquids and electronics inside their hand luggage.

The process of passing through security and waiting for all electronic devices and liquids to be scanned is a necessary, but often prolonged, process.

However, as soon as next year, this process could be removed entirely in Amsterdam’s Schiphol, which is aiming to become the world’s leading digital airport. Advanced hand luggage scanners will enable staff to view the contents of luggage from all angles and spot any prohibited items—meaning passengers will once again be able to keep liquids and laptops inside their bag.


‘“Trusted Travellers” will be allowed to bypass security using a biometric security pass.

By 2030, it’s expected that you’ll have the option to apply to be a Trusted Traveller, meaning you’ll be able to bypass security completely. This won’t mean that you’ll avoid having security checks, but the designation means you’ll have previously gone through a vetting process by security forces or government departments to prove that you’re safe to travel.

Trusted Travellers will be given a biometric security pass to use at the airport and wave goodbye to the long queues at security.


Airport entertainment will include woodland features and touchscreen shopping services.

By 2045, the pre-flight waiting stage is set to become more entertaining, with touchscreen shopping services and online features such as waterfalls and woodlands. In addition to flight boards, virtual assistants will also be on-hand to help with any travel concerns.

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