Why Eurest Services puts people first

eurest services, boss magazineThere is nothing as personal as DNA. It’s what we’re made of, informing every aspect of who we are in this life and how we shape the world. When David Hogland, President of Eurest Services, professes that hospitality is in his company’s DNA, one gets the profound sense that he’s referring to much more than how the organization defines itself as a premier provider of integrated facility services.

A division of Compass Group—a formidable global force in the food and support services industries, and the world’s sixth largest employer—Eurest Services is an extension of the enterprise’s commitment to providing innovative, highly customized, and exceptional quality services. As president, David oversees a team of about 3,000 facilities management associates working in over 430 locations around the country. Being spread across many locations is a unique challenge for employee training and retention, and one that Eurest Services takes very seriously. “Our people are our best asset,” states David. “We put their safety and engagement first, knowing that it positively impacts the guest experience.”

Safety is just as important as hospitality to the company. “Not just the safety of our own people, but the safety of our customers and the environment in which they work.” A foundation of safety is especially vital in high-risk, highly regulated industries, such as oil and gas and pharmaceuticals. “Within these markets our principle challenge is safety, and assuring that our associates are working for clients in facilities with a demonstrated safety culture,” he said. For pharmaceutical enterprises, having a service provider accustomed to working within the structures of a highly regulated space is a meaningful advantage.

To instill the importance of safety and hospitality, Eurest Services uses a unique approach to reach their frontline staff through technology. Via an app, push notifications communicate important training and safety messages to associates in their native languages, and keep engagement high by taking a gamification approach to continuous improvement. This voluntary program constantly reinforces training and incentivizes learning through reward points and prizes.

“There’s never been a way, unless we do a town hall or a webinar, to get to the frontline staff without physically going to every location,” Hogland admitted. Given the size and scope of the organization, he added, “That’s impossible, but with this app we can connect multiple times a week. It’s really special to have a tool where we can reach everyone, every day.”

The focus on their associates is paying off, reflected in a turnover rate at half the industry average. David attributes this to employee training and growth opportunities within the company. “Eight years ago, one of my team members was working in the mailroom for one of our clients. He’s just been promoted to Division Vice President, and is now my ‘Number Two,’” Hogland told BOSS. “I started my professional life as an hourly associate. I left school at 16 and started at the very bottom. I’ve always been in this industry, and I’ve come through every level of hourly position, supervisor, and management position to reach where I am today.” It is because of his personal experience that David emphasizes the importance of training, engaging, and promoting Eurest Services associates.

Maintaining quality team members is a key ingredient to the hospitality-based solution Eurest Services brings to their clients. The company handles a host of individualized needs, from sustainable cleaning and laboratory support, to outdoor maintenance, materials management and logistics, and more. Their portfolio of services is tailored to the corporate world, as well as to the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and the oil and gas industries.

Eurest Services develops thoughtful, relevant service portfolios for each unique client. “A client may initially be comfortable outsourcing one service, but come to understand they’re not getting the real value of partnering with a facility management company” he explained. “These days, we have clients approaching us saying, ‘We’ve gone through the process of first-generation outsourcing where we bought our service lines in silos, like building maintenance, for example, but it’s not achieving the efficiencies we were looking for.’ We offer them bundled services with a single point of contact, one management team, and one group that delivers the whole array of services for one giant entity.” This bundled model provides a continuity in service offering. As a result, the “One Team” approach is gaining momentum as Eurest Services’ customer base expands.

This is due, in part, to changes in the industry and the workplace environment expected of top talent Eurest Services’ clients are targeting. Maintaining workplaces that reflect the market’s current emphasis on creating experiential environments for every hour, of every day, brings new challenges that Eurest Services is uniquely positioned to meet. “We’re seeing a huge emphasis now on creating an elevated workplace experience. Our clients expect workplaces to be similar to a hotel experience, including nourishment at every corner and incorporating space for collaboration. That’s where the industry is going. As a hospitality company, Eurest Services is already ahead of it.” Hogland noted.

The bundled solution also allows for flexibility in service offerings. When oil and gas companies look for a reliable facilities services company, they look not only for a firm that is laser-focused on safety, but for one that is resilient enough to consistently operate within the cyclical nature of the sector. “We live with our clients through the hard times and the good times. That’s why the Eurest Services retention rate is 98 percent,” Hogland emphasized.

Constantly striving to be the premier hospitality partner for their clients, David is looking at ways to enhance their service offering. “The real challenge now, is to understand how a building is being used. In our world it’s really easy to commoditize some of the services we deliver, and you can save pennies on the dollar. But, the real spend is in the real estate that clients are already renting, leasing or running, and the consumption that goes on in that space,” he said.

To optimize real estate spending, Eurest Services uses data and analytics to understand a building’s traffic patterns, energy consumption, and infrastructure requirements to develop smart support plans that are highly effective, while keeping costs well controlled.

“We capture spatial analytics, using devices throughout the building, to understand how each room and floor is utilized. If parts of the building aren’t being used, we can turn off the environmental and service support to that area. This reduces the carbon footprint of the facility and provides cost savings to the client.

eurest services, boss magazine“Spatial analytics can also impact how an entire building is serviced. Janitorial services are traditionally frequency-based, but what is the point of cleaning a space that hasn’t been used all day? We use smart building data to create usage based service schedules. Understanding how a facility is operating throughout a full day—and an entire week—and then building that picture over time, allows for better efficiency out of our teams in each of these spaces,” he explained. “That is really cutting edge and another way for us to deliver on our promise of great service to our clients.”

That caring is in Eurest Services’ DNA, and it starts with empowering their associates to do their best. “It doesn’t matter what level you’re at,” Hogland stressed. “We take care of our people and show them that any one of them could do exactly what I’ve done. There are no barriers in this organization. If you’ve got the drive and the appetite, the opportunity is there within Eurest Services and Compass Group. Our commitment to our people shines through the services we provide to our clients.”


Eurest Services is the leading facility management company, providing office services, light maintenance, laboratory support, outdoor managed services, environment services, and materials management & logistics.

Eurest Services is a division of Compass Group, the world’s 6th largest employer providing $4.4 billion in support services globally. With nearly 3,000 associates operating in over 430 locations, we operate from a foundation of hospitality. Our service offering is unique to each client partner, its value reflected in our 98 percent retention rate.

Our subject matter experts create innovative solutions through a variety of self-performed capabilities. Each team member is a true master of their craft providing the best quality of service for our customers. This allows our clients to focus on their core business while we create a better workplace experience for their employees.

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