Helping people live their best lives is more than an aspirational mantra for world renowned surgeon Daniel Brown, MD, FACS

dr. daniel brown, boss magazineRemember when your friend went on vacation, and came back looking joyful, confident, and maybe even younger? Did you think you needed a vacation to rejuvenate? Instead of taking a trip, many turn to Dr. Daniel Brown to look like the best version of themselves.

“Modern-day plastic surgery is not about making a drastic change. It’s about making small changes that overall give a great improvement but don’t make you look like someone else,” explained Brown, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in San Diego, CA.

“Men and women get a face and neck lift and they usually take a vacation from work for a week or two, come back and their co-workers say, “Wow, you look great! What did you do on your vacation? I want to know what you did so I can go and do the same thing.” That’s the way I want people to look and also the way I want them to feel. I want them feeling like the best version of themselves, not a different version of themselves.”

It’s vitally important that patients choose a plastic surgeon who has the ability to truly understand the look that they want, yet also advises with an expert opinion and ensures that both parties have the same result in mind before the procedure. Understanding and implementing these concepts is why Dr Brown is one of the top trusted plastic surgeons in the United States; he actively listens to his patients and consistently delivers attractive and natural results.

For Dr. Brown, a member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, bringing out a patient’s best self is what his life’s work is all about. Brown blends technology and cutting-edge novel surgical techniques to achieve that laudable goal. He places particular emphasis on performing minimally invasive procedures that nearly eliminate scarring and have shorter recovery times.

“Patients tell me that they are more confident, joyful, and at peace with themselves after procedures.  That is what it’s all about,” Brown revealed.

“It’s incredible how much progress is made in the field of plastic surgery daily.  Some people enjoy keeping up with TMZ, the news, or sports, I enjoy keeping up with plastic surgery advancements.  It’s easy for some surgeons to get stuck in a rut of doing things the way they have always done them.  I prefer to stand on the shoulders of the research giants to give my patients the best results and care possible.”

While the notion of scarless plastic surgery is heightened by media coverage, Brown tempers that enthusiasm with historical perspective. “Plastic surgery research is at the forefront of regenerative and reconstructive medicine, for example, stem cells to either augment existing tissue to help it heal better, faster, and even to create organs, or just replacing a patient’s tissue after a mastectomy using a free flap and microsurgical techniques, which is literally moving a portion of the stomach’s soft tissue and using it to create their new breast,” he explained.

“Plastic surgery has been the driver of many regenerative techniques, such as lab grown skin grafts and tissue transfers. But I think we’re a long way from completely scarless wound healing. The flip side of that question is, can we perform surgeries without making large, obvious scars? The answer to that is yes.” 

The Drive Towards More Aesthetically Pleasing Results

dr. daniel brown, boss magazineTraditional breast lift procedures result in a vertical scar that runs down the center of each breast, what Brown described as a “telltale sign that somebody’s had a breast lift or reduction.” To that end, Dr. Brown is one of only five surgeons in the world certified to perform a novel breast surgery that leaves patients with only a single, discreet scar.

The Bellesoma technique uses three-dimensional imaging and volumetric analysis to aid surgeons in achieving desired results with no vertical scar. It allows Dr. Brown to create a lifted and naturally shaped breast that is rounded and full without the use of a breast implant. While the technique itself is two decades old, its creator began inviting other doctors to learn it just two years ago. Brown was one of the chosen few.

3D volumetric planning software is used as a blueprint for this technically challenging, 58 step breast lift or breast reduction. The measurements and plan generated ensure that there is enough tissue to cover and shape the lifted breast, and to guide the cosmetic restructuring of the breast beneath the skin. By making the incision lie completely within crease beneath the breast, the end result is a perfectly shaped and positioned breast without visible scarring.

“What makes this procedure superior, not only aesthetically but functionally, is that we utilize the patient’s own tissue to attach the reconstructed breast to their pectoralis muscle to give it really dynamic support leading to a long-lasting and beautiful result” he emphasized.

The Bellesoma [method] differs significantly from others in that there is no vertical scar on the front of the breast, the lifted or reduced breast is attached directly to the chest muscle greatly reducing the potential for future sagging and creating perfectly shaped breasts with superior fullness in the upper breast that would previously have required a breast implant.

“Most other procedures do not add dynamic support. If they do, they’re most typically utilizing sutures only attached on the surface of the muscle that will only give support for only a few months, not a lifetime. What we do is actually use the patient’s own tissue to attach the breast tissue directly to the muscle at nine points circumferentially around the base of the breast. Using the patient’s own tissue essentially heals the breast to the pectoral muscle permanently.”

Brown added, “Functionally, it really changes women’s lives because their breast is finally in a great position with no sagging, they are able to go out and find clothing that fits, and they are able to exercise freely and move on with their lives; they literally have the proverbial weight taken off their shoulders with no vertical scar.” Patients from around the world seek out Brown’s practice specifically for his performance of the Bellesoma technique.

“I hope more surgeons will start offering this procedure.  There is no reason for someone to have a vertical scar with a breast lift.  People travel locally, regionally, and internationally to seek out this technique because they don’t want to see a vertical scar. I understand that.”

Dr Brown and his staff create a restful, spa-like atmosphere balanced with attentive care at every juncture. “We want people to have an amazingly comfortable and relaxed educational experience from the second that they first contact our practice,” he said. “We treat our patients like we would treat our family members.”

dr. daniel brown, boss magazineWhat does a patient-centric consultation mean? “I always give my expert advice and together we create a crystal clear plan for an ideal result through the eyes of my patient. It’s not about what I want, or what anybody else wants; it’s truly about what the patient’s concerns are. I try to find out what their desired outcomes are, do a physical exam, and then meld the two and come up with a personalized plan designed just for their specific anatomy, and how I am going to utilize the procedure or device — whether it’s a breast lift, radio frequency skin tightening, contour liposuction, or a combination of procedures — to give them the results that they are looking for. We develop our plan together.”

That collaboration is central to Brown’s practice philosophy of delivering an impeccable, state-of-the-art patient experience in a caring, supportive atmosphere. “I’m here to help patients achieve the result that they want so they can be the best version of themselves. I want people to look, feel, and be their best.  Looking great is good, but feeling great is what it’s all about!”


Dr. Daniel Brown is known for producing ideal, refreshed, and natural looking results with 5 star concierge service. This starts with Dr. Brown actively listening to each patient’s expectations, examining their unique anatomy, and then developing an individualized treatment plan. Each patient is a VIP and receives world-class care.

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