See why these five unique companies from the Inc. 5000 2017 list caught BOSS’s eye

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Photo: Hotel Rehab

Company: Hotel Rehabs

Inc. 5000 Rank 2017: #93

Industry: Construction

What makes this company so special?

In seven years, Hotel Rehabs has achieved 4,000 percent growth and acquired some of the largest hotel clients. With a focus on hotel renovation, this boutique firm has created a large-scale remodeling systems for Hilton, IHG, and Marriott resorts. Impressive work from a seven-person staff.  

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Photo: Greenspire

Company: Greenspire

Inc. 5000 Rank 2017: #9

Industry: Energy

What makes this company so special?

Located in Los Angeles, this environmentally-friendly company focuses on smart-home technology to reduce energy consumption. After a comprehensive property assessment, the specialists at Greenspire create a customized energy-saving program. Solar panels, water management systems, and smart home features are implemented and easily monitored from an app on your smartphone.


boss magazine, inc 5000, MOD Pizza

Photo: Restaurant Magazine

Company: MOD Pizza

Inc. 5000 Rank 2017: #327

Industry: Food & Beverage

What makes this company so special?

MOD Pizza has a fast-casual concept that creates individual artisan-style pizzas in minutes. Their differentiator? With over 30 toppings, the price of your pizza will be the same regardless of the topping quantity. Customers and employees have shown cult-like support, which is why MOD Pizza’s revenue surpassed $130 million in 2016.

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Photo: Cali Bamboo

Company: Cali Bamboo

Inc. 5000 Rank 2017: #1539

Industry: Manufacturing

What makes this company so special?

This company uses sustainable materials to make aesthetically pleasing floors, decks, cabinets and furniture for residential and commercial properties. A three-year growth of 260 percent has come from its ability to create eco-friendly products that its customers love. Cali Bamboo has placed a significant emphasis on global warming reduction and the number one cause of animal extinction: habitat loss.

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Company: Axe Wellness

Inc. 5000 Rank 2017: #35

Industry: Health

What makes this company so special?

Dr. Axe is helping to alleviate some of the most common health problems facing today with a natural approach. His website is a treasure trove of wellness information that covers remedies, recipes, food, and fitness. Axe Wellness has helped millions lead better lives with health education. Maybe that’s why revenue soared over $45 millions in 2016.