A blackout didn’t stop these smart home products from shining.

Nothing like the irony of the Consumer Electronics Show—which consumes a lot of, well, electricity for those electronics—experiencing a blackout during the second day of the show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Below are some of the BOSS team’s favorite tweets from the horror that was the #CESBlackout.  

Gremlin Tweet






The rain, too, has been difficult for attendees to contend with, including some flooding at the Google booth and some leaking in the convention center’s ceiling. But onto why you’re really here: day two’s best products. We saw a plethora of things for the smart home that we think will really stand out to consumers.

Sleep Number’s 360 Bed

Millions of people have enjoyed better a night’s sleep thanks to the Sleep Number bed. By allowing each person to determine their specific softness or hardness to the bed, fighting over a mattress was pretty much done for. But how do you bring a mattress up to smart home capabilities?

Sleep Number’s 360 can automatically adjust your sleep position, detects snoring and elevates your head, and  determine how well you slept based on analytics of your heart rate, breathing, and your restlessness. Its algorithm factors all that information into a score that represents how well you slept that night: your Sleep IQ.

But the selling point for me? Foot warmers.


Toto’s Floating Tub

Want to experience near-zero gravity in your own home? Although this doesn’t integrate smart home tech, Toto—the makers of smart toilets and other bathroom fixtures—created its $19,000 marble covered bathtub to make sure the bather is in the most relaxed position possible.

The design in the bottom of the bathtub has integrated jets to bouy your feet and lower legs to make it feel like your actually floating. There’s an LED light panel that circumvents the entire bottom of the outside of the tub, a built-in, adjustable  pillow with an integrated faucet. But its best feature? Quite frankly, it’s beautiful.


LG’s Insane New…Refrigerator?

Although most households function just fine without a display on their fridge—if you could have one, why wouldn’t you? LG’s InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator will give your dinner party guests fridge envy. The 29-inch display is a touchscreen that runs webOS. But the best party trick is that you knock on the screen twice, and instantly see what’s in your fridge. The smart home display becomes transparent, allowing you to keep everything cold while you try and figure out what to munch on.

Smart Home Security Solution

Get rid of those cameras and infrared sensors, friends. Aura’s wi-fi radio waves read patterns as they bounce around a home’s objects and walls. Aura can determine when those patterns are interrupted—i.e. a person is moving through the house when they shouldn’t be—and the smart home device can set off alarms or notify you via an app.   

Alexa, Dot, Home, and Other Devices Integrate Even More

We’re all already familiar with the plethora of smart home devices that connect you to the likes of Amazon, Google, and other tech giants. Check out the video below to see how they are working their way into our lives even further, as well as some other smart home devices that are on display at CES day two.