Our scoop on all things tech from CES 2017

In case you weren’t able to get out to Las Vegas for the largest consumer tech show on Earth, we’re going to break down how awesome CES 2017 was.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, so we’ll divvy it up into tech increments: automotive innovations, television tech, audio news, AR/VR upates, computers and PC gear, food, mobile, devices, robotics, wearables, appliances, and the obligatory, over-the-top stuff we thought you needn’t miss.


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor is the first chip to cross the 10 nanometer barrierits transistor is 2700 times smaller than the size of your hairAnd according to their CEO, 5G contributions to GDP will be equal to a country the size of Indiathe seventh largest economy in the worldcreating up to 22 million jobs and expected to produce $12 trillion worth of 5G-related goods and services in 2035, which is just as much as consumers spent in 2016, alone.

TVs and Television Tech

So what exactly is Samsung’s QLED? While Samsung says that QLED TV represents its best image quality and viewing experience to date, QLED televisions reach a peak brightness between 1,500 and 2,000 nits —last year the the peak was closer to 1,000.

Cord cutters rejoice! Mohu‘s Airwave is a wireless HD television antenna that picks up broadcast TV.


LG’s 2.57mm Signature Series W7 Wallpaper: Ultra Thin 4k OLED TV… so light, it can be mounted with magnets.

Sony’s new Bravia OLED TV makes the screen the speaker and as TechCrunch’s

Fitz Tepper puts it, “Sony’s newest Bravia TV is the first interesting TV I’ve seen at CES”

LG’s 55-inch transparent TV 


 The chic, 360-degree Beoplay M5 has Chromecast built in.


Tinder pulled a pretty hilarious VR prank.

China’s Huawei Adds Amazon Alexa to Flagship Phone 

Baidu Family Robot is a twist on Amazon Echo 

 HTC Vive accessories

Computers & PC Tech

Razer Project Ariana

Razer Project Valerie 

Food & Drink  Okay, mostly drink

Pernod’s revolutionary smart cocktail library


Fast Company writer Meg Miller described the enchanting flock of robotics at CES 2017 as The Rise Of Anthropomorphic Gadgets”. She definitely wasn’t wrong.


Mayfield Robotics’ Kuri coordinates with LG smart home elements

LG’s Hub Robots

Toyota’s Concept-i: “Less of a machine. More of a pal.”

UBTech’s “Lynx is Alexa, personified.” -CNET

…There was also Airbot, Lego Boost, Leka, Ziro, Neato’s robot vac, Ewaybot MoRo, Emotech’s Olly, Aristotle by Nabi, Laundroid… just to name a few of the key members of CNET class of 2017.)

Panasonic’s Desktop Companion Robot


 Helia Smart Light Bulbs are part of the new line of bulbs from Soraa: LED lights seeking to recreate the feel of natural sunlight and emit bright blue light in the morning and slowly reduce the amount of blue light until sunsets As Mashable’s Tech Team explained, “It’s kind of light iOS’s Night Shift mode and the result is light that’s easier on your tired eyes (and brain) and less disruptive to your sleep.”

The AIRE Digestive Tracker by FoodMarble is a portable app-connected gadget which analyze the gas levels in users’ bloodstreams (similar to how a breathalyzer functions), which can help you eat smarter.


LG’s webOS-powered fridge 

Samsung‘s new four-in-one Flexwash + Flexdry laundry system boasts the ability to wash two loads at once, which the Vergecast Live team dubbed “peak Samsung.”

Whirlpool unveiled a new Alexa skill to allow owners to gain control its web-connected appliances with voice commands, including it’s the new smart all-in-one washer-dryer hybrid.


Faraday Future‘s FF 91 Autonomous Car

Ford + Alexa

Toyota explores automotive AI with all-new Concept-i UX Toyota Concept-i UX, which integrates everything from artificial intelligence to haptic feedback. “This will be a car that not only protects you, but knows your needs and, perhaps, even your emotions. Not only does the interior look like a cross between a race car and something out of Star Trek, but it’s got a built-in personal digital assistant called Yui that lives in the 3D dashboard and can greet you with a cheerful “Hello” or communicate with the driver through light, sound and haptic touch.”

BMW concept may also be the living room of the future…?

Gorilla Glass for Automotive

“Hey Cortana…announce Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform w/ our partners”


Motiv ring


Meet Misfit’s first touchscreen smartwatch, Vapor.


Huawei’s wearables…

What were your favorites from #CES2017, BOSSES?