Tips to help you navigate stress-inducing business travel.

Some jobs occasionally require business travel. there are just some matter that must be discussed in person. Companies send their employees to different places all over the world in order to

  • complete a deal
  • speak at a conference
  • attend a meeting
  • attend an event

Although business travel can be beneficial for individual careers and company goals, it can be taxing on the employee. The trick is remaining goal oriented whilst navigating the challenges of travel.
Staying focused when going to a new place can be a challenge, make the most of business travel by following these seven tips. 

Plan Ahead

For successful business travel, ensure that you plan ahead. Make sure you know where you will be staying while on the trip. Double-checking the dates on your rental vehicle reservation is also crucial. You can have an additional alarm to avoid being late for meetings or missing your flight. Make sure all you need for the trip is packed. On the day before your traveling date, double-check that everything is ready and that nothing is left behind. 

Smart Packing

Remember to bring essential items that will be useful when traveling with co-workers. Carry earplugs if you want to sleep on the flight or to block out the snores of your roommate at night. Do not forget to bring your headphones. You will need them when you want a few minutes to yourself. You can also pack a deck of cards so that you and your co-workers can enjoy playing after work or during lunch break.

Leave Your Hotel

Leave your hotel and explore the city. Take a day or a few hours to learn the lay of the land. You’ll be surprised at what there is in every little place you visit. This can make your stay fun and exciting. Go out with your co-workers in the evening and on weekends to get your minds off work for a while: staying in a hotel room can drive you crazy. 

Know the Purpose of Trip

If you flew for a face-to-face conversation, ensure that you do not settle for something different. Have a clear conversation with the client so that both of you know exactly what to expect and what is required of each. Also, this would be a perfect time for referrals. Do not leave a sales and marketing meeting without asking for one. It will be harder to get a “no” response in person. Also, if you do not regularly see your client, this would then be the perfect opportunity to ask for a referral. 

Avoid Room Service

You may be tempted to remain in your comfortable hotel room after having a long day at work, but you can use every meal as a chance to explore instead. Look the menu and choose what suits your budget, but make sure each meal is a chance to learn more about what the place has to offer. You can also explore various food joints and wineries in the city to have different experiences. 

Squeeze in Exercise 

Sure, some of you may have absolutely no time to go to the gym because of the busy schedules, but exercise is known to curb jetlag and revitalize the body after a cramped flight. If you have the time, go to the hotel gym or swimming pool instead. You can also use that time to take a walk. Walking is a good form of exercise, and you will also be learning more about the place.

Have A Little Bit of Fun

Remember that the business trip is not your vacation. Having fun while on a trip is a good thing, but make sure it’s in good taste for the context of the trip. Most employees tend to over-do things because they are not under the supervision of their bosses. Don’t be that person. Business travel is an opportunity to bolster your reputation as a dependable and effective employee, so take advantage. Bottom line, don’t do anything that you would not usually do on a normal working day.


Finally, it’s important to have a positive attitude because business travel is inherently stress inducing. Understand there could be delays and other uncomfortable moments during the trip. Don’t let these obstacles get to you. Remember that attitude is infectious, be it good or bad. Your co-workers and clients will admire you for your positive attitude, and this will increase your chance of gaining preferential notoriety within your company.

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for Nicholas Air. She regularly produces content for a variety of travel blogs.