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WarFab spends the same

amount of energy on its

employees, with Regina

Rebhan Mitchell noting

that the company values its

employees and treats them


“Their loyalty translates into

quality work and products for

our customers. Loyalty means

success,” she said.

And success the company

has found, in part because of

its ability to start a project

far sooner than many of its


Two factors come into play

here: the company makes

decisions quickly, and it has

immediate access to the exact

steel it needs for each project.

By running “lean and mean”

and having employees—

including both Regina and

Eric—that are willing to do

almost any job that is asked

of them, Eric shared that

the staff is equipped to

answer questions or propose

solutions to a problem on

each product the company


Ohio Steel Sheet and Plate

is also a huge asset of the

company. The sister company

to WarFab is a national

distributor of steel plate

products with a diverse

and large customer list that

stocks 50,000-100,000 tons

of steel on the floor at any

one time. Customers can get

an immediate quote on a

product, and that product can

be started the next day by

WarFab. The massive buying

power of Ohio Steel keeps

the raw material costs low to

remain competitive against

the company’s international


Because of Ohio Steel,

WarFab competes on an

international level.

“One big advantage is that

we can get started months

From left to right: Dawn Hill, Human Resources Manager; Tom Bickerstaff, Inside Sales Manager/OSSP; Paul Musant

Vice President of Sales/WFM; Mike Link, President/OSSP; Eric Rebhan, CEO/WFM/OSSP, Regina Rebhan Mitchell,

Operations/WFM; Bob Hernandez, Operations Manager/WFM; Paul Theisler, CFO; Edward Olesh, Warren Plant Sup