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Page Background

Family-run businesses often

offer an experience to its

customers and employees

alike that major corporations

just can’t give. At Warren

Fabricating & Machining

(WarFab), present-day owners

Regina Rebhan Mitchell and

Eric Rebhan have run the

company like their father,

founder of WarFab John C.

Rebhan, ran their household.

“We grew up in a household

where ‘can’t’ was a four-letter

word,” Regina Rebhan Mitchell

said. “The same is true in our


The company, which is

a unique manufacturer

specializing in the fabrication,

machining, and assembly

of large steel weldments

servicing several heavy

industries, has been in

business for over 50 years,

something the brother-and-

sister team of today credit

to the tremendous risks their

father, and now they, are

willing to take to stay ahead

of the competition.

For 45 years, John C. Rebhan

invested every dollar he

could back into the company,

buying new equipment and

breaking into new fields

before the rest of the industry

caught onto the trends.

Part of the continuing success

can be credited to this

investment strategy, which is

still going strong today.

“We’re still investing heavily

in the business,” Regina

Rebhan Mitchell, Owner and

President of WarFab shared.

“We just invested millions in

new equipment, and in 2012

we built a new manufacturing

bay devoted to natural gas

turbine products, which was

a major capital expenditure.

Just like Dad, we wanted to

get ahead of the trend, which

this time was the shift in

power generation from coal to

natural gas.”

John C. Rebhan (Founder of WARFAB and OSSP) and Mac Clevenstine (former VP)

stand in front of an early fabrication in 1970.