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August 2016




In the last 15 years, all of VT

Industries’ innovations have been

introduced under Six Sigma

lean strategies. This approach

to manufacturing, which allows

a disciplined, data-driven

approach for eliminating defects,

allows the company to design

its products more accurately,

predict areas of need, and create

practical solutions to solve any

issues that arise.

VT Industries employs experts in

every facility to help the brand

adhere to Six Sigma and lean

manufacturing principles.

“Continuous improvement is

incredibly important to us,” said

Clausen. “Our goal is always to

be better tomorrow than we are


Clausen and Francisco shared an

instance when this approach set

them weeks ahead of schedule

in the opening of a new counter

production line. Utilizing Six

Sigma strategies, VT Industries

installed, optimized, and dialed

in equipment on the line.

Before, technicians would often

have to fiddle with newly-

installed equipment for a

month before it was working

efficiently and accurately. But

by the time the company got

eight cells in, high-quality

products were produced almost


“When the new line in Iowa went

live, employee morale jumped,”

Francisco said. “Everyone was

a part of it. And now, a year

later, our plants are running

better than ever, employees

are engaged, and they are glad

for the investments that were