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is a North American leader in engineered wood products and the original creator

of synchronized texture technology (Embossed in Register (EIR) technology). In 2013 the

brand launched its Brushed Elm finish, the first North American synchronized TFL panel

destined for furniture applications.

This finish is a luxurious and deep brushed-wood texture. The matte-oiled surface replicates

hours of hand polishing, emphasizing the wood’s natural cathedral patterns and cross-grain

features. The brushed 3D aspect of the finish creates a relief and reflects light beautifully in

both horizontal and vertical applications.

Uniboard is the reference for synchronized texture in North America. From its beginnings

in 2002, synchronized texture was developed to give laminate flooring an authentic look

of real wood. In 2013, Uniboard launched WoodPrint Technology®, the first synchronized

texture for thermally fused laminate panels, which seamlessly synchronized the design and

texture as found on real hardwoods or veneers.

Fast forward to today: with ever-evolving techniques, Uniboard is showcasing WoodPrint

Duo Technology™. With unerring accuracy, this technology perfectly aligns the decorative

paper and texture on both sides of the panel for unequaled thermally-fused laminate quality

that can be seen from all angles.

The next Uniboard collection, to be launched in August 2016, will feature a new installment

to the WoodPrint Duo family of textures as well as two new overall textures, the whole

marking an evolutionary step in the advancement of TFL in North America.

Uniboard constantly strives to improve and streamline the manufacturing processes in its

mills in Val-d’Or and Mont-Laurier for MDF and particleboard with investments in equipment

to increase panel drying time, or in Sayabec, where a new state of the art press lends unique

flexibility to add new and more technical finishes, while maintaining good production


Uniboard products are sold to retailers, distributors, and finished goods manufacturers,

which cater to the kitchen cabinet, furniture, office, home renovation, and the construction

industry. For more information, please go to