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VT Industries may have started down the

home renovation path 60 years ago, but

the company has been utilizing modern

technology for at least half of its history.

The company has been doing machine

setup for 25 years and has every plant

operating in this manner. Manufacturing

floors have been paperless for about 15

years when the paperless trend was just

starting to gain steam.

For its customers, VT Industries’

innovations with product lines are the

most rewarding. The company has added

a whole new dimension to countertops

with VT Dimensions by offering more

proprietary edge profiles than standard

post-formed laminate products. State-

of-the-art waterjet cutting machinery

assures precision craftsmanship that is

second to none with quartz or granite


VT takes an innovative approach to

architectural wood doors for commercial

construction as well. You’ll find no stock

products inventoried in a warehouse.

Rather, every door is manufactured to

the exacting specifications of the order,

assuring a premium look that matches

the rest of the design. VT also pioneered

the edge-before-face construction

method, eliminating seams and adding

more durability to the finished product.

The use of these technologies, both

on the manufacturing floor and in the

back end of the office, wouldn’t be

possible without a strong IT team. Unlike

many other players in the industry, VT

Industries employs a large staff in its

IT department.

“It’s unheard of in this industry to have

this big of a team,” Francisco said. “But

technology is a part of every discussion

we have and is always on the table as a

solution to our customers’ needs.”

Both leaders acknowledged VT

Industries has come a long way and

has made a lot of progress. However,

there are always more projects waiting

to be rolled out, such as updating all

seven of the company’s plants to a CNC

(computer numeric controller) machine


A constant part of VT Industries’

strategy for the past 35 years has been

automation. It’s also what Clausen

believes is the key to the company’s


“It’s a worldwide economy, and we have

competitors all over the globe. To remain

a leader, we have to utilize automation,”

he said.

From electromechanical handling

dedicated to shifting heavy work to

machines capable of verifying products

before they are shipped out, VT

Industries’ automation efforts eliminate

health hazards and errors.

Just like the IT department, VT Industries

has a strong in-house automation

team comprised of a 12-person crew

that builds, installs, and manages the

automated machinery.

“We have a great sales team, but our

biggest selling tool is our plant—its

capabilities are impressive,”

said Francisco.