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VT Industries is changing how home renovation and commercial

projects are done for doors and countertops—all through automation

and innovation.

It’s not very common for a

company to have the original

employees still clocking in,

especially if the organization

has been in business for 60

years. But this kind of longevity

and commitment to the brand

isn’t a surprise at VT Industries.

This counter and door

manufacturer has been assisting

home renovation efforts in the

Midwest since 1956.

Just ask Doug Clausen,

President and third-generation

leadership for the family-owned


“My administrative assistant just

told me this morning that she

will be retiring this year, after

58 years with the company,”

he shared the day we had our


“Our family and ownership

take care of our people. They

are proud to work with VT


While big corporations steer

the U.S. economy, family-owned

organizations often keep the

heart of business beating. VT

Industries is no different. And

from a business standpoint,

not being a publicly-traded

company allows it many luxuries

bigger organizations do not

have—a longer-term approach

to investments, and the ability

to make decisions not just

based on money.

Even during the economic

downturn of the late 2000s,

being a family-owned

business granted VT Industries

capacity to make investments,

improvements, and acquisitions

during a time when most other

companies in other markets

had to make hard decisions to

avoid shuttering up for good.

This stability during tough times

is another one of the many

reasons you find employees like

Clausen’s long-serving assistant

at the company.

“I’ve worked for large

corporations and smaller,

family-owned businesses in my

career,” shared Craig Francisco,

the Senior Vice President

of the Countertop Division

at VT Industries. “Smaller

organizations can act faster

than large enterprises, make

smart decisions and know they

are the right ones.”

Although assumptions that

family-owned businesses are

behind on the times, old-

fashioned, or not technologically

advanced permeate the

marketplace, VT Industries

fights the cliché with innovation

and automation.

“To provide solutions and

products for our customers'

needs, we have to be innovators

in the field,” Clausen said. “It’s

why we continue to be a leader

in this space.”