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August 2016


The innovations in VT Industries’

manufacturing plants combined

with Six Sigma lean practices

set the company up for a safe,

comfortable work environment

for its employees.

“Safety is not just our number

one priority for all of the

people who work here and

with whom we work. Safety

improves our business, which

in turn helps us improve

quality,” shared Francisco.

Automation over the last 15

years has replaced some of

the difficult physical labor

with machine handling. Safety

meetings are conducted

monthly, where VT Industries’

standards are compared to

world-class safety


Each plant has a safety

manager who holds safety

team meetings weekly to drive

initiatives at the plant level.

“There’s been a lot of

progress from our old ways

of doing business to the new

way,” said Clausen. “Safety

is incredibly important to us,

and we mean what we say

about safety. The rates we have

now, we couldn’t imagine the

numbers being this good five

or ten years ago.”

The company’s safety record,

among many other positive

points, drives a lot of interest

in the industry for joining the

team. Both men commented

that they'd seen an increase in

the last decade, mostly driven

by employee reviews of their

place of work.

“We’re known as a premier

employer, but we don’t market

ourselves as such. The feel and

the culture of VT Industries

permeates out from our

employees,” said Francisco.