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customer from the beginning,

we’ve been able to go along

with the wave and find our

way. Now, we feel our road is

clear and there is significant

growth ahead for us.”

What’s Next?

Growth for Vickers these

past few years has been

largely attributed to the

choice to invest in technology.

This organic growth is a

pillar for the business, with

Tyler commenting that the

company plans to grow

organically until it can’t grow


“However, any opportunity

that would make the company


The company’s approach

to business outside of

technology is built around

an amalgamation of Tier-

1 best practice and several

lean strategies. This was not

necessarily the goal when

Tyler took over the business,

but has developed since,

largely due to client feedback.

“We routinely ask our

customers: ‘What would

the perfect supplier do?

What would that relationship

look like?’ We ignored the

standards in the industry, and

stayed away from the way

things have always been done

and listened to our customers.

“We took risks, and have been

aggressive with our strategies,

and have been successful

because of it.”

Many companies, he

continued, were too afraid

to make mistakes. Vickers

Engineering has set a

precedence of learning from

what didn’t work, and making

the things that did work,

work better.

“We’ve always known what

this business was capable of,”

Tyler said. “It’s evolved over

time into what it is today.

With no set target industry or



Manufacturing BOSS