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Although unusual for a company of its

size, Vickers Engineering’s investment

into automation has proved to be a game

changer for the machining company.


of the technological game.

But before we find out just

what Vickers is investing in,

a little more about the

company and its leadership.

Vickers works with its

customers—who provide the

design and specifications

of metal components —to

buy material, machine, paint,

and perform light assembly

on parts for the automotive,

oil and gas, military, and

industrial industries.

What does an old-school

industry like industrial

manufacturing do to

keep up with the times? If

you’re Vickers Engineering,

you turn to automation.

Although Vickers—a precision

machining company based

out of New Troy, Michigan—

is celebrating its 45th

anniversary this year, the

company is committed to

upgrading to state-of-the-art

technology. The company

has been investing around

$3 million a year to stay ahead