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Part of the reason TricorBraun can establish client supply chains

with little fuss is because of the strong relationships the company

maintains with its large network of suppliers. The TricorBraun team is

knowledgeable about the partnerships the company cultivates.

The company also employs a supply chain team specifically

dedicated to working with the supply base. This group of workers

puts programs in place that the sales teams can use to increase

understanding of the nature of the partnerships TricorBraun employs

with suppliers.

This centralized group within the organization keeps partnerships

balanced, and also organizes meetings every couple of years

between the supplier base and packaging consultants at TricorBraun

to increase understanding, promote relationships, and to learn the

new trends of the industry.

“We organize meetings with the largest suppliers across the sales

team and the supply chain team to make sure everyone is on the

same page with the direction we’re taking the relationship,” said

O’Bryan. “And every two years, we invite all of our suppliers to our

annual sales meeting to showcase their latest capabilities.

“All of our packaging consultants

are required to attend, to glean

the information and continue to

improve the strong relationships

already in place.”


Acquisitions are a key strategy

for TricorBraun: since the

addition of private equity

to the organization in the

90s, 14 acquisitions have

been completed and the

new companies successfully

integrated into the business.

Recently, TricorBraun acquired

The Packing Design Group. The

business has a broad array of

capabilities in the closure side

of packaging, a market in which

TricorBraun is rapidly expanding.




August 2016

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