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August 2016


“These tools provide market and creative insight and consumer

research to our packaging consultants. Our team knows every

manufacturer necessary for getting the job done,” O’Bryan

continued, “from blow molding and injection molding, to glass

manufacturing, to manufacturing options overseas.”

Finding the right individuals to take on these challenges is no easy

feat. TricorBraun employs a dedicated recruiter who is constantly

looking for the best talent in the marketplace. The company’s goal

is not to just hire someone out of school to step right into the role;

rather, TricorBraun is focused on bringing in someone who already

has excellent sales skills, a manufacturing background of some sort,

and has broad capabilities across the sales spectrum.

“To be a member of the TricorBraun team, you have to be hungry,

have to want to take on the challenge, and, above all, be committed

to finding the customer the right solution,” shared O’Bryan.

Having the top industry knowledge isn’t the only way TricorBraun

engenders its work to clients: it provides a service most companies

dislike doing.

Supply chains can be incredibly

complex, particularly for

organizations that sell products

that require several different

materials or specialized parts.

Creating a robust supply chain is

critical, which is why TricorBraun

provides such a service.

This is a highly individualized

endeavor, especially with direct

delivery or warehousing models

to consider and international or

domestic delivery to consider.

With TricorBraun’s industry

connections and partnerships

however, setting a supply chain

foundation for a client can be

accomplished with ease.

Many services provide value for TricorBraun’s customers