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TricorBraun Corporate Office in St. Louis, MO




August 2016


“This new strategic relationship brought two things to our business:

it brought in another round of innovative products for our packaging

consultants to show our customers, and it also brought more strong

relationships with innovative manufacturers,” shared O’Bryan. “The

acquisition was definitely a win/win for us.”

And while acquisitions have been a major avenue for growth, the

company is also focusing on organic growth as well. TricorBraun’s

SEED Initiative was introduced in 2013 to refocus growth efforts.

SEED stands for strengthen, enable, expand and diversity. It has

become a mantra for the company as it pursues organic growth.

In response to this initiative gaining growth, internal investments

were made, including the implementation of a new new ERP system.

Sales and operations teams in the field were reorganized to free up

packaging consultants to focus more on sales.

These are just a few of the many changes introduced through the

SEED Initiative. TricorBraun’s focus on growth—both organic and

through acquisition—is about creating new opportunities for the

company to sell against, but more important, more options and

solutions for customers.

“There are always opportunities

out there: it’s about pursuing

the right one at the right time,”

O’Bryan said. “Acqusitions are

just as important at organic

growth, and we’re always

looking for ways to expand our

services, our offerings, and our


“The best way to grow has

always been through creating

meaningful partnerships. From

our CEO down through the rest

of the organization, we all go

forward looking to build

those relationships.”