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“We’re putting out our hand to

the next generation and letting

them know that we want them

here, and we’ll teach them what

they need to know.

The biggest benefit to Thorco’s

culture is that the business is a

part of the Thornico family of

companies. With several different

ventures in many different

industries, Thornico—with its

father-and-son leadership team—

sets a great example of what the

company calls “company karma.”

The KARMA program is

about Thornico and its

subsidiaries committing to

act as global citizens.

Thorco Projects designated

MV Thorco Africa to donate

other practical and leadership

skills. I’ve grown through

different avenues to get to

where I am now.

“But the next generation

to come out of schools

don’t want to work on the

docks, and I get it, but it’s

necessary. I’ve gone to speak

at Texas A&M for the maritime

transportation classes and I tell

them that it’s a great industry,

good for people who want to

benefit from globalization and

see the world, but you have to

start at the bottom to learn.”

To help combat this issue within

Thorco, Berg and other leaders

are reigniting the company

culture, offering a metaphorical

olive branch to students.


customers. We want to be a

part of our customer’s growth.”

Evolving Company Culture

Internal growth is also

primary for the company. In

an industry where employee

retention is fairly low, and

generational gaps are

creating interesting problems,

Thorco Projects has some

unique solutions.

“When I came out of the

maritime academy in Maine, I

went to work on the docks like

my peers. It was not glamorous

and had a lot of challenges but

it was necessary for getting me

where I am today. I learned to

deal with cargo, labor unions, I

learned how to do many hands-

on things, and acquired many