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November 2016


“And with gaining new

customers, one major thing

has changed: cold calling—

which used to be a good way

to find new opportunities—is

kind of outdated. So we’re

transitioning to an approach

which uses more of a social

media strategy.”

This social network approach

to sourcing leads will assist

Team Worldwide in bringing

on younger and more tech-

savvy employees for their

recruitment push.

These tech-savvy employees

will be a huge asset to the

brand, especially because

the 3PL company released

a new website in September.

Its updated look is now more

user friendly than ever.

“Our internal customers—our

employees—benefit from the

upgrade because our new site

gives them the best ability to

connect with customers in the

easiest way possible. For those

clients, who would much rather

do research on the Internet

instead of call in with questions,

it’s all there for them to see, no

call necessary.”

On the back end, each

branch can customize its own

local version of the website.

Customers too can log in

and get quotes and rates for

shipments, as well as track and

trace. It’s all about ease of use.

In the future, Brandenburg

would like to see the company’s

website integrate more

with their customers’; Team

Worldwide is on the right

track since introducing

API connectivity.

“The biggest thing for us is

integration for supply chain

visibility,” Brandenburg said.

“We don’t want our clients to

have to go into our website to

request information or updates,

we want that capability to

connect to their own system.

“We want to be involved from

the beginning of the shipment

process, at the inception of

the purchase order. When

they place a purchase order

in China, for example, we

want to receive that PO. To

be connected to that supplier

and inform the customer so we

can give them the full-service

attention they want.”

This level of connectivity and

collaboration between Team

Worldwide’s leadership team,

employees, and clients has

produced a transparent, easier

to navigate network of services.

As the 3PL company continues

its drive for recruiting and IT

upgrades, expect its customer

base to grow at a similar rate.

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