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orldwide is the 3PL company that will get your product where it needs to be.

The 3PL company’s priority

to help small business owners

compete on a global scale

fits its culture to a T. The

partnership between Team

Worldwide and these SMBs

is often easy, as many of its

partners are family owned

as well.

The family culture will be

the driver and the core of

Team Worldwide’s growth

strategy, which also includes

a heavy recruitment push

and IT development.

“We’ve got new ideas for

new ways of doing things,

Brandenburg said, “and we’re

already on the path to realizing

several of these initiatives.”

On the recruitment side,

Team Worldwide is looking to

bring new employees as well

as branch offices and new

locations into the fray. The

perfect employee for the

team? Someone who is tired

of big company environments

and is looking for a place to

call home.

Brandenburg was quick to

explain that Team Worldwide

is not a franchise: each

location can take advantage

of its connected environment. In

short, there are partners all over

the U.S. for team members.

This network of family-run

businesses also benefits from

another connection: social

networks. Team Worldwide’s

current and upcoming

technological upgrades are

providing the tools that

are attractive to a younger

workforce, and empowering

to the whole team.

“Users want to feel more

connected to the internal

team,” shared Brandenburg.



November 2016