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Team Worldwide

Through its family culture, tech upgrades, and recruitment strategies, Team

Large enough to serve you,

small enough to know you.

Team Worldwide’s motto

encapsulates just what makes

the company stand apart from

its competitors in the freight

forwarding and Third-Party

Logistics (3PL) industry. The

diversified logistics provider

is big enough to successfully

integrate with its partners, but

small enough to have local

customer service solutions at

the ready.

“We don’t just want to create

customer/vendor relationships,”

shared Sean Brandenburg,

Vice President of Growth

and Development at Team

Worldwide. “We want to

build lifelong commercial


Whether via air, land, or sea,

Team Worldwide has provided

logistics solutions for the

industry since 1979 when Joe

E. Brunson and son Bobby J.

Brunson founded the company.

Today, Jason Brunson is the

third generation of leadership

taking the 3PL company

forward with success. But he

didn’t just inherit the company

from Dad and Grandpa.

“Jason bought the company

from his grandfather in 2012.

He didn’t want to be given

the company, he wanted to

work for it, he wanted to earn

it,” Brandenburg said. “I think

this is a great reflection of our

company culture today.”

Integrity and respect rate very

high on Team Worldwide’s core

values list.

“If we say we’re going to do

something, we’ll do it. When

we make a promise to our

branch owners or customers,

we will meet those goals and

commitments, no question.”






November 2016