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“It’s easy to take it for granted when you go that long,” said

Patton. “I believe it comes down to the right people. Our

employees have a lot of experience in their respective fields, either

operations or sales. Most people here have been involved in the

industry for a long time. We hire qualified, capable people. That’s

the key.

“When you start a business, the bottom line is a concern. You

want to control cost, but one place you can’t cut corners is with

your people. You have to hire and pay people that can do the job

and do the job well.”

Patton also shared that TASSCO’s tradition for safety comes

from providing the right tools for the job for their employees,

empowering them with safety and other related training, and

creating an environment where the employees choose to respect

the leadership team—and

vice versa.

“These guys are true

craftsmen,” Jenkins shared.

“The types of fabricated

parts they make are, for lack

of a better phrase, things

of beauty. Our employees

understand that when

a customer orders from

TASSCO, that customer has

put their job and company on

the line. We work together to

deliver excellence, every time.”

6 |

| September 2016

“Our motto is true: we

believe in performance.

It’s about quality, quality,

quality. It’s not easy

to do, but all of our

employees have the

same end goal in mind,

and frankly, we do it

the best.”

- Michael Jenkins,

Vice President of Sales