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| September 2016


Unexpected downtime for a business is never a good thing.

For sectors like mining, steel mills, power plants, and

mobile equipment, this downtime is often the result of a

mechanical failure with a piece of machinery that is integral

to their operation. Knowing that their products keep their

clients moving, TASSCO exceeds the expectations of its

customers by offering value-added solutions that reduce

costs—and down time.

“The performance of our products is the key to us gaining trust

and developing relationships with our customers,” shared David

Patton, President of TASSCO.

“Our customers have a lot of confidence in our ability to provide

the best products,” Michael Jenkins, Vice President of Sales, said.

“It’s critical to our customers’ performance that these products

work and last.”

TASSCO’s motto, “Believe in performance”, aligns well with its

mission statement to provide quality wear products with

world-class service. The company’s utilization of high-quality

and cost-effective abrasion and impact-resistant materials result

in engineered products like transfer chutes, screen deck wear

panels, screw conveyor assemblies, bark hog screen assemblies,

mobile equipment liners, and various other material handling

wear-resistant components.

Innovations like these are what keep customers coming back to

TASSCO time and time again. Two industry-changing products

are on the way from TASSCO, and Patton and Jenkins gave us the

inside scoop on what new opportunities they bring before they hit

the market.

The patent-pending X-Change Grizzly Bar assembly will

significantly reduce maintenance costs for rock quarries, coal

mines, steel mills, and other raw material handling businesses.

Before, when this component wore out, the entire assembly had to

be replaced—an arduous task that could take the better part of an

entire shift. Now, TASSCO’s part just takes two bolts to unscrew,

install, and then screw back in.

“We came up with a way to mechanically change the one part

that wore out instead of replacing the whole assembly,” shared

Jenkins. “Instead of spending hours or days welding and changing

out a big product, it can be done in a few hours in a safer setting.”

TASSCO’s other new patent-pending product will also cause a

reduction in downtime, this time for the paper mill and wood

yard industries.

The large steel flights on the

conveyors that are connected

by a heavy-duty chain and

take logs up to the facilities

for further processing can

take whole shifts to change

out. With the new Jackladder

Flight Assemblies from

TASSCO, the switch now

takes about an hour to rotate

or replace a modular wear

component on the flight and

doesn’t require cutting or

removing any chain.

Both of these innovations

demonstrate TASSCO’s

commitment to improving

older products to reach

the efficiency level their

customers need and want. By

cutting downtime and making

the machinery safer and

easier to maintain, TASSCO’s

upcoming products are sure

to help revolutionize their

respective fields.

These two new products

also have another thing in

common: improving safety.

TASSCO is committed to

safety on all fronts: both for

their own employees and the

customers they service.

The company has been

incident-free for two years,

and expects to continue at

this level of safety.