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Vision: It’s an Evolution

SAP did not set out to

transform: rather, its continuous

improvement-geared culture

drove the leaders towards a

strategy of evolution.

“Evolution requires continuous

change,” said Shute. “It’s

difficult in tech to predict more

than a couple of years out, and

our customers need to respond

to the changing demands of

their respective industries.

It was necessary to evolve

together with our customers.

“SAP needed to be a trusted

partner in the journey

to digitize.”

And it’s a journey, not a one-

size-fits-all solution, that was

necessary for SAP to gain

the ground it has in the cloud


“Six years ago, we set a vision

to help the world run better

and improve people’s lives,

and we designed a strategy to

transform SAP into the cloud

company,” said Shute.

This vision starts and ends with

SAP’s customers in mind. The

impact the pace of digitization

is having on businesses—and

the opportunities it presents—

proved to the team that SAP

needed to provide more of

the capabilities required for

today’s digital economy.

“We were number one in

analytics and ERP software,

but we knew we could provide

more value to our customers,”

he said.

Through a series of organic

investments—most notably

its in-memory computing

platform, SAP HANA, and SAP

S/4HANA, its new business

software—and inorganic

investments—try $30 billion

in acquisitions—SAP rounded

out its portfolio and was able

to realize its vision to ensure

its customers could take

advantage of the opportunities

presented in the digital age.

“We’ve always been a

customer-first kind of

organization,” Shute said.

“But there are so many

February 7