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Complexity in the modern

company—especially the

modern IT department—

is astounding. Often,

businesses are using

so many different

types of hardware,



and cloud


each siloed off and not able

to communicate with one

another, that it’s difficult to

get the job done.

The San Francisco 49ers front

office understood this all

too well when the NFL team

moved to its new home in

Santa Clara, California. In just

one offseason, the team saw

its staff grow from 125 full-

and part-time employees to

more than 1,200.

What’s an IT department to

do? First, reach out to SAP.

“When people think about

disrupting instead of being

disrupted, they turn to SAP

for help,” said Steve Shute,

SAP North America’s Chief

Operating Officer.

The 49ers implemented

several of SAP’s services,

including the cloud-based SAP

SuccessFactors Recruiting,

SAP SuccessFactors

Employee Central, and SAP

SuccessFactors Performance

& Goals solutions.