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the entire process of the

credit paperwork, making a

cumbersome process easy

and quick.

It’s About Society,

Not Just the Bottom Line

Six years ago, SAP had five

million cloud users. Today, 120

million. Just like the company’s

ERP software offerings a

decade ago, SAP is second to

none in cloud offerings.

There are so many ways we

could show you how the

company is literally changing

the tech landscape for

businesses in every corner of

the marketplace. Just like for

the NHL—which by partnering

with SAP saw 25 percent

more website visits, 45 percent

more time on the site by fans,

and 30 percent higher fan

engagement—SAP is providing

incredible, measureable returns

for these companies.

But for Shute and SAP, it’s not

always about the bottom line:

it’s about making the world a

better place.

The State of Indiana had an

issue with its infant mortality

rate. For every 1,000 live births,

there were an astounding 7.7

deaths—which was much higher

than the national average.

Then Governor of Indiana,

now Vice President Mike

Pence, enlisted the help of

SAP HANA to identify infant

subpopulations with distinct

underlying drivers for death.

“The use of SAP HANA

allowed Indiana’s health board

to research infant mortality

risk and drive more positive

birth outcomes. It even

developed a mobile app to

assist mothers,” Shute said.

“Now they are better able

to understand the causes of

infant mortality and improve

lives. That’s SAP’s whole goal:

improving people’s lives.”

February 2017 |

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