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- Steve Shute


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“There’s an ecosystem building

on top of the SAP HANA cloud

platform. You’re no longer

just relying on SAP’s R&D

spend, but taking advantage

of an unlimited amount of

resources from hundreds of

different places.”

And SAP’s R&D spend isn’t

chump change: nearly

14 percent of its

annual revenue is

geared towards

research and

development. Shute and the

rest of the team know it’s

necessary for the level of

continuous improvement and

evolution expected of SAP.

Ernst and Young’s extension

to its SAP HANA platform

is just one example of how

third parties are able to

extend success factors of

their digital cores.

Many companies hire military

veterans. In doing so, they

receive credits from the

U.S. government. But it’s a

laborious process to fill out

the paperwork. EY created

an application through

SAP HANA that automated